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Welcome to Twinkle Cakes Website!

Hello, my name is Riri and I am the person behind the Twinkle Cakes. I come from Indonesia and currently live in the harbour city called Rotterdam, in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. I started baking in 2012 as a hobby, I wanted to make some nice treats for my 30th birthday party. After a couple of times in trying to make different kinds of delicious treats, I found myself really enjoying baking and decided to bake more often. Since then, I have been baking many cookies, cakes, cupcakes and cakepops. My friends love the taste of my creations and they are always happy to be the first tester when I try some new recipes.


When I look back, I think I have my baking passion from my Oma (Dutch word for grandmother) and my Ibu (Indonesian word for mother). I remember when I was a kid, I always saw my Ibu and my Oma busy in the kitchen baking some yummy stuff. I can always smell the cinnamon and vanilla flavor in the house. And me, I always stayed at the back of the kitchen, anxiously waiting to taste the delicious cakes or cookies. Such a wonderful memory!

Now that baking has become my passion, I have been improving my skills by continuously baking nice stuff and won’t give up until it looks perfect! Ideas didn’t come to me just like that, one of my friends Jun-Yi from GOODPUTTY has also been helping me a lot with ideas for theme parties. She also helped me a lot with designing the logo and all publishing materials for Twinkle Cakes. So thank you!!!

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See you and thank you for visiting our website!!

Contact information:

Phone: 06-81049333 (The Netherlands only)

Email: info@twinklecakes.nl

Twinkle Cakes is registered under KvK Number 59001836

Acknowledgments: GOODPUTTY