Frozen Birthday Party

Last weekend Twinkle Cakes got the privilege to organise a Frozen Birthday Party of a cute little girl named Salma. She turned 3 years old and she is in love (like many other little kids) with Frozen.

It’s so funny to see her screaming “Olaaaaf” when we unpacked the birthday cake. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to blow the candles and share her cake with her family and friends.

One of the activities was to let the children build their own Olaf. It was cool to see how creative these kids are. Goodputty also provided some decorations for the table, colouring activities and quizes to help Olaf find Princess Elsa.

Not only the party went really well, the weather on that day was also great. There was also a band Crying Boys Cafe playing at the Singeldingen park. So in the end, it was a very fun day for everyone 🙂

Bertil and Salma, I hope you both enjoyed the day and once again, Happy Birthday Salma!